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Should you buy Motorola droid razr in 2017 or not | Here are some Drawbacks and reviews which will change your decision -

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motorola droid razr xt907 specification user opinion
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Are you planing to buy "Motorola Droid Razr M xt907" ?

Does it worth buying this mobile in 2017 ?

Here are some serious points to go through before making the decision!
First of all, let's have a look on the mobile features>>


  • 1 Gb of RAM
  • 8 GB of internal storage, through which you get only 4Gb of storage to use
  • 2000 mah of battery
  • 8mp of rear camera
  • Vga, 720 p front camera
  • Dual core 1.5 Ghz krait cpu
  • Adreni 225 Gpu
  • 4G LtE 13 Band
  • Micro-sim with flash resistant
  • Multitouch with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and gorilla glass
  • Android 4.0.4 ice cream which is upgradable to kitkat 4.4.4
  • Accelometer, proximity, compass sensors

More features>>

So these were some valuable features you should know! But now it's time to examine this features according to 2017. Can this features can serve a user 2017 generation user experience?

Here are some Drawbacks or features which need upgrade according to 2017:

The first point to notice it's Android OS. It runs on 4.0.4 ice cream which is so old when compare to today's latest mobiles. Just think, it is lollipop and nougat generation and every app and Game are now up to date for lollipop and nougat on playstore. What will you do if someday whatsapp will give a notice on your mobile saying "your Android version is old please upgrade to 5.0"?
motorola droid razr xt907 specification user opinion
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Now again it has played an bodyguard role by not providing feature to "move app to sd card". Yes, you can't move your apps to sd storage. You have to be limited in the given 8gb storage (4gb actually). Yes there are some third party apps through which you can move, but were is the high class experience if got need help of third party app?

Next drawback is it expandable storage, it's expandable storage is only 34 gb! Can you imagine? A mobile in 2017 with a 2016 feature of only 34 gb expandable! This one is so cheap for the price. There are more mobiles available in the market with updated features in this price range.

Screen size, yeah. Another drawback is it's 4.3 inches of screen size. Are you crazy. It's 2017, everywere in this generation you will find 5 inches mobiles. And you are buying a 4.3 size mobile by paying valuable money! Think again

Now talk about design! Just say frankly, who will believe if i say this mobile can be used in 2017? Well your friends are having slim and classy mobiles and you are buying a fat floppy mobile in 2017 by paying valuable money!

So these were some drawback which i have pointed to show you. Take them seriously because you are going to need them!

Now it's time for important factors called user opinions! I've collected some users opinions and finally got some problems in the mobile that you should know!

  • Restart automatically when you turn on mobile data! Yes, it's true. I've personally experienced the problem.
  • Camera is not initialized, you will not be happy with camera options and look
  • As i showed above, can't move apps to sd card even with third party apps!
  • Hangs alot if continuously using mobile data instead of restarting
And these were some important and must points and drawbacks a user should know if planning to buy this mobile in 2017?

My suggestion:

My suggestion, please go for an other smartphone. This mobile is not suitable for 2017 users.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Two Major Drawbacks of samsung galaxy j2 you should know before buy it | based on user's opinion and reviews - mdmash

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Samsung galaxy j2 problems and solutions
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Well, you may be interested in Samsung galaxy j2 then here is some important info you should know before making the decision.


  • Samsung galaxy j2 is an smartphone with
  • 1gb of Ram
  • 8gb of internal storage
  • 4.70 inches of screen
  • 1.3Ghz processer
  • Android os: lollipop 5.1
  • 5mp of rear camera
  • 2mp front camera
  • And more 4g VolTe

These are the amazing features of this mobile which can easily attract a low budget guy who us Ready to have a smartphone.

Let's directly talk about drawback and the problems users are getting in this mobile. It is not confirmed yet why these problems are getting in, because not every mobile but every 3rd mobile in the market is suffering from these two major interruptions.

What are the problems?

Majority of user's have complaint that the screen is getting Dark, or flickering when you press the power button. I don't know the exact reason for this problem but there are some solutions have been made for this.

You can read the solution and the problem <here>

One more major issue registered is:
Wifi connection!
Yeah, users are experiencing WiFi connection issue. Whenever they try to connect with wifi, it says "authentication failed". And if it is connected then it will get disconnected within short time.

This is the major issue for online Guy's whose life depends upon wifi.

Where As, some solution has been  made out for this issue also, link's have been added below. Just scroll down.

Should you buy or not:

Well, it is upon you,
If you are a Samsung lover and want some Brand (baseless) in your hand, and you Don't care of the above issues or you will use it with some solution,
Then you can buy it. No problem!

Whereas, if you are a smart person who believe in " user experience " not in Brand experience, then i will suggest you to think twice! Because it can be a worst decision to pay your valuable money.

Because we have more mobiles in the market with that same price, which are better than this. So make some research and have some knowledge about this mobile and decide what to do.

Links may helpful to you:

  1. Wi-Fi connection solution for Samsung galaxy j2
  2. Screen flickering solution for Samsung galaxy j2
  3. Should i buy Samsung galaxy j2 in 2017
  4. Other Mobiles with more features than Samsung galaxy j2
  5. Is redmi 4A is better than Samsung galaxy j2


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Celkon ufeel q599 problems | my battery was swallowing and camera - 360 reviews

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celkon q599 problem
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Well, Celkon launched an amazing smartphone called "CELKON MILLENNIUM Q599 UFEEL" for which you won't be able to get  a battery if your battery got damaged.

Yes my friends,

I buyed this mobile with a lot of excitement because,
A smartphone under 3500 rs offering
  • 1gb Ram.
  • 8gb Rom.
  • 5.0 inches.
  • 2000 mah battery.
  • 3g mobile.
  • WiFi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Hsdpa-21Mbps.

So, seeing this info i was so exited because my budget was 4000 rs. And i was in need of a smartphone. And i decided to buy this and give it a try. Why i  trusted Celkon?

Because i have been used Celkon mobile in my past and that experience was awesome. So I trust it. But this model q599 beaten me.

First of all read carefully, this mobile is an awesome and best mobile if your budget is under 4000 rs. Yes you can trust it. But here are some drawback's i experienced and i want to share my problem.

I was using this mobile continuously for 5 month's with an extreme usage. You don't believe but it's ram memory is awesome, i was playing GTA VC in my mobile. And with a heavy game subway surfers, and some. And it was running so smoothly i was impressed.

Similarly the touch is also an best touch in all Celkon mobiles till now. Normally everything was awesome.
But one day i noticed, the battery started swallowing, yeah so fastly. And it was my 5th month from purchase. So i ran to service center were he denied to replace the battery under free service.
He said "you deep charged your mobile, for that your battery is swallowing and we can't do anything. It is mis usage" and i quarrelled with him and leaved. And i started searching for it's alternative in the market.

Good luck, it's celkon company, in my whole city i was not able to find any alternative battery for my mobile. Yes my friends.

But really, I've never deeply charged my mobile. Because I'm a techy guy and i know about "mah" and the current capacities. Every time i was charging my mobile accurately. But he denied me.

But now, I found a battery for my mobile and it's running in good conditions.

One more important note, after few days i studied the charger, and the fault was in the charger itself.

So we can say the charger for this mobile is under doubt!

So this was my story with "celkon millennia q599 ufeel" i think. And let me tell you, the camera of this mobile is worst. You can't even take a photo in front of your friends, your self respect will be hurt. So be carefull and buy it.

I hope you understand!

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Es explorer details from 360 reviews | one of the best android application to use - 360reviews

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Today in 2017 era, there are thousands of android applications for users to operate their smartphone with ease and effortless!

So, are you also a effortless person?

Then this application is going to serve you better, here I'm showing you my last 3 years experience of using Es explorer in my Android Mobile Well, Es explorer is an simple file manager with bunch of amazing features! It is an small box with some best equipment.

General info:

What can we do with Es explorer?
Let's make a short list first,

  • Well, you can use it as a file manager
  • You can hide or show hidden files (starting with "." In their name)
  • Yes, indeed you can create "file" and "folder" by clicking new tab
  • Folder, you know already. Talk about file, in file you can create any document file .txt .pdf .doc etc
  • Ah, yes you can even create hidden files, which will not be shown in your gallery or any media
  • If the file is still showing in your gallery, then there is amazing feature were you can prevent the whole folder from being read by your phone, just create a new file wuth name ".nomedia" thats it. And that specific folder files will be hidden from your media readers
  • You can compress any file to .zip file
  • And you can extract the .zip files as well
  • It support .pdf .txt and more
  • Rename a bunch of files at one time
  • Support root explorer
  • You can use it as media player also
  • It works as a gallery, video player, music player
  • It can show you the applications on your phone
  • It can show the storage analysis
  • Can share more files through wireless with ease
So these are awesome things a Es explorer can perform, Now let's know these features in deep steps. How you can do all that.


es explorer

When you open the app you will find a homepage so you can perform your tasks.

On the first position you can see it's showing two storage graphical data. Which is your phone storage and sd card storage. And it is a navigation as well. You can enter by clicking the tabs directly.

Below that, an option is available to analyze the storage, literally it will show thr data usage according to the folders so you can decide to keep the files or trash them up.

After that you can see the media player options. And a cleaner as well, which will clean yout cache data ane junk files.

Similarly, more options are provided on the home page.

Left side menu:

By clicking the left top menu icon, a list of options are given. You can see in the pictures. 
Settings for settle your design and tasks as per your ease.
Theme option to change the look
And some networking options which can be used to control your teathering and wireless from there. And some tools.

One more option the best is "recycle bin". If you turned this option on, then it will hell you backuo your accidentally deleted data.

And similarly more options you will find if you scroll down!

Right side bar:

When you slide the screen from right to left, then a bar is opened were you can see history type tabs. Yes, here you can see how many tabs are opened and running. You can kill them or use them as shortcut as well

And in the bottom you will get some awesome functions as delete, copy, cut, rename when you select any file or folder. And agan after task your screen will be clear.

If we talk about the speed, well the speed is good for moving files from one folder to other. Actually it depends on you mobile processer. 


Some screenshots here


I can't show you how amazingly it works. 100% i suggests you to download this application if you are android developer or a techy guy.

You can download it from playstore>> just download it from playstore for new updates and nee features!