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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Moto e4 Reviews and important points You Must Read Before Buying It | Major Details Covered - MDMASH

moto e4 mdmash
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Well, MOTOROLA has launched an Amazing Mobile MOTO E4 in june 2017

The Mobile has turned millions of Minds over it. The specifications and Features of this mobile are suitable for 2017 users.

let's have a look of this mobile and some reviews of the buyers and what are they saying about this mobile.

general information:

  • MOTO e4 is running on the latest operating system which is high in demand - ANDROID 7.1 
  • The power provided to this mobile 2800 mah removable Battery
  • With the screen size of 5-inches and 720*1280 pixel display makes it featured for 2017
  • Processor provided to this mobile 1.3GHz mediatek
  • 3GB of RAMand 16GB of internal storage - not bad for usage, expandable upto 32 GB
  • Front camera with 5- megapixel and Rear Camera with 8-megapixel not so awesome but good enough
  • Dual sim feature - 4G lte

The mobile is so slim, colours awesome. capacitive touchscreen, smooth touch surfing, nice hardware.
moto e4
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moto e4
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So these were some general info, as the features and specifications are good indeed for our 2017 and above but i'm not sure for future years 2019 above. May be new mobiles can beat this with amazing features.

what user's are saying:

  • Small amount of user's are saying - Front camera is dull
  • Majority of the buyer's are happy from this mobile
  • Some of them are complaining about it's sticky fingerprint sensor - slow indeed
  • charging is not that much fast - very slow
  • Phone is getting hot
  • Music speakers are not working
  • 4g lte problems

These were some reviews which i saw more than 3-4 times each on every ecommerce site's and major websites. you can also checkout them by the below link's

link's to original reviews:

you will find more!

my suggestion:

As i always say, the user's who give there reviews are based on there knowledge. Mean's sometimes the reviews are not meaningful to ourselves. because we are expert in the technology and we are believing a doctor review who doesn't know about android.
So be careful before believing the reviews, 

So at last i want to say, in my opinion the mobile is best. Yes, you can have it. No major big deals. but, let me say one thing, If you are using 4g lte then no mobile in this great planet will be fine as room temperature. 

There are some minor issues, which can be neglected. And please do not go for the mobile if there is no service building in your area of Motorola!

And if you are planning for good Pics, you can go with it, but not too high quality images. decent images are the result from this mobile!

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  1. This is a detailed review and I really appreciate the way it has been presented. You are hitting all the great points.