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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Problem's of moto g4 plus mobile you should know before buying this mobile - MDMASH

Goods and Bads of MOTO G4 PLUS explained by MDMASH. well, if you are planning to buy or try this mobile then you should Read the Below point's about moto g4 plus!
moto g4 plus review
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  1. The mobile runs on latest operating system of android - ANDROID nougat v7.1.1
  2. The processor provided to the mobile  - 1.5GHZ octacore snapdragon
  3. The mobile is powered with an LITHIUM 3000mah battery
  4. The RAM is 2GB/3GB and the internal storage is 16GB/32 GB
  5. Dual sim with 4G lte support
  6. And the regular things as other mobiles!

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The features and specifications given to the mobile are very attractive. These are the features a guy need in 2017, it is an suitable mobile for new era. but, Every product has it's own good and bad things. 

So here are some good thing's and bad thing's i've covered from the user's all over the world through Facebook and all social media!


  1. The mobile comes with 2GB/3GB (diferent peices) of RAM which is indeed a good thing
  2. The internal storage is 32GB/16 GB which is enough (more details ands discount here)
  3. The screen size is 5.5 inches according to 2017
  4. The another good this is 3000 battery
  5. Well the camera is 16-megapixel in the back with an 5-megapixel in th front
  6. Good camera's with flash
  7. The hardware - it's motorola my friend, quality is based
  8. You can use OTG Cable also
  9. You can expand your memory by 128 GB


  1. Getting hot - lot of customer's are complaining about it's temperature raising issue. when you will be using flash light and some heavy application background then you are going to remember your summer days. and also, the worst situation will be using the mobile while charging. According to an indian mobile tech guy the temperature was risen upto 43+ degree.
  2. Mobile display getting black/ not working - suddenly sometimes very rarely the display of the mobile is getting black.
  3. Updating issues - if you are going to update the mobile, then you may have to visit the service centres regularly.
  4. Automatic booting
  5. Battery draining - if you are going to use 4g mode then you may have to sit down near a switch panel with the charger. The battery is draining fast in 4g mode

So these were some bad things about moto g4 plus mobile phone that you should be aware before buying it.

at last:

Please never make decisions on any one source of knowledge, here on my website i just Differentiate goods and bads of Smartphones so you can be aware, please refer my privacy policy and disclaimer.

My suggestion:

The mobile battery is draining fast, but as usual every mobile is same when using 4g mode. you can Trust this mobile, if you are just a basic user then you can go for it. please don't go for gaming purpose, the battery and the temperature will beat you!

Visit again for more more mobiles goods and bads or request a mobile to make a differentiation on it. just comment below the mobile name a model so i can make a presentation on it. 


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