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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Two Reasons(drawbacks) to Avoid Moto g5 in 2017 - Drawbacks based on true user opinions you must read

On February 2017 Motorola has launched Moto G5 mobile with awesome features in a affordable price range. So we will talk about this mobile goods and Drawback's so you can have idea about this mobile to buy or not.
motorola g5 drawbacks
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well, in india it is available on amazon you can visit below
So let's have a look on the features and good points for 2017


  1. The Mobile moto g5 comes with capacitive touchscreen which is better for smooth surfing
  2. Android 7.0 - The operating system is the latest and you can upgrade to 8.0 which is an best option
  3. Processor - well, 1.4 GHZ is not bad for 2017 usage with 2GB/3GB of RAM. Octa-core performance 
  4. Internal storage - 16 GB and another 32GB models are available, 32 GB will be best option and amazingly you can expand your micro sd upto 256GB
  5. CAMERAS - 13 megapixel rear camera which is good and front with 5 mp as other mobiles.
  6. 2800 mah battery - not bad for 2017 usage at all, but low for 4g user's

So these were just little good things about moto g5, now let's have a look on drawbacks of moto g5 according to user's opinions


  • CAMERA - yes, the rear camera is 13 megapixel, but you will be not satisfied with the picture quality, it is not good 
  • Heating - when you will be using 4g network, then you can feel some heat sensation in your palms. 
  • Battery - battery is just 2800 mah which is not enough according to 2017 usage

The above points have been taken from true user opinion's to show you, it is your responsibility to decide what to do. i have given clear drawback's view to you.

my suggestion:

Every mobile in 2017 is merged with heating issue, because 4g network is indeed a heating feature.
if you are a person only for calls and simple pictures then you can go with this mobile. but please think twice because, in India we don't have moto service buildings

thank's for reading 

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