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Friday, September 22, 2017

Drawbacks of samsung galaxy j5 reviews 2017 - Based on true Reviews not fake one's

We all know about samsung j5 mobile, An amazing mobile the company has launched in june 2017. The features of the mobile are awesome and attractive. So, today we will know drawbacks of the mobile based on Samsung galaxy j5 reviews all over the countries were it is selling.
samsung galaxy j5 reviews
the image is taken from amazon.in


  1. The mobile runs on Android os 7.1 nougat
  2. Battery to the mobile is provided 3100 mah lithium battery 
  3. Screen size is 5.20inches screen with 720-pixels
  4. Processor of 1.2GHZ is enough for normal performance with 2017 applications
  5. Well the RAM is 2GB nad internal storage is 16GB were sd-card can be expandable to 128 GB
  6. Rear camera with 16 megapixel and the front with 5 megapixel with flash on both sides
  7. Battery is removable
  8. 4g mobile with dual sim LTE

So these were some general information of samsung galaxy j5 no let's talk about it's good points


  • Well, the most good point is removable battery, 4g mobile with 2gb of ram which is good for internet user's.
  • 5.2 inches of display - quite small when compare to other 2017 mobile's screen
  • 13 mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera - flash on both sides which an amazing option in The samsung galaxy j5
  • 1.2 GHZ of processor which is quite normal for 2017 usage
  • 16 gb of internal storage normal feature as other mobiles
  • Touchscreen is capacitive with retina display
  • Speaker's are awesome - nice sound
  • Camera focus is also quite good enough for best pictures
  • Display quality is also best
  • Hardware quality is also best

Everything is awesome in this mobile but nothig is perfect in this world, there is one drawback one samsung galaxy j5 


The only one drawback of this mobile is - Heating

Heating is an easy option in samsung j5, if you will use the mobile in 4g mode or play heavy Games or more than two heavy apps, then you can make a your hand's warm in winter. Yeah, it is overheating - but as we know it is samsung my friend's, heating is their childhood feature. 
But due to overheating, the 1.2GHZ processor is not able to handle normal apps and as a result mobile is lagging to some 20% value.
Extra heating - extra heating when you will use flash light, the heat will double as hair dryer.

So, only one little drawback, but the mobile is awesome. My Brother is using the mobile Currently for photos. you can go with this mobile, but think again if you are buying this Mobile for heavy usage and pro usage.

Okay, hope you got some well info, thank's for reading. 

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