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About us

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This blog is created to help people by pointing some disadvantages and advantages of products such as mobiles, laptops, personal care, electronics, machines, supplements etc. the people who buy these products they will submit their review here and we will publish them after examining it.

What you will find here?

This blog is created to make reviews on products related to technology and health for people who are searching for them to shop online. we help people by showing them the correct information about the product with whole advantages and disadvantages so they can prevent loss

Can you trust us

Why not?

We work for you people so we can help you. we never try or there is no Intension to use you in wrong way by making our profit. we just find customers who buyed certain products and survey them about it and make presentation about it and display it in front of you so you can get idea about that product or service

From where we are

We are from india, and most of the product reviews here you will find indian brands and indian reviews, but we take care of users from all around the world and help you to serve better! so please co operate with us.

if you are having any query, just visit our contact page here and ask for help or help us


actually our service is to aware people about certain products that they were willing to buy online, we just give them a clear idea how the product can perform, can irritate them etc.

professional team:

yeah, we got some little team to examine products and find their reviews and write article on them by explaining about thei product advantages and disadvantages and to buy or not!

server information:

our server is 100% malware free, you can trust our server. we don't hide any risk advertisements which can damage our readers opinion and their browser.
the server location is at united states where as we are from india!

contact us - you are always free to contact us, view our contact details here on contact page here

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